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Zero Latency, a New Virtual Reality Game and More Looks Sick!

I recently came across a video with the caption that said something along the lines of “Watch This Girl Shit Her Pants Playing a Virtual Reality Zombie Game.” So, of course I clicked on it (she didn’t actually poop herself). What I saw in the video was a girl wearing a virtual reality mask with a blue, led lit, ball on top, holding a gun-shaped object with a similar blue ball.Zero Latency

She was in, what appeared to be, an empty warehouse, walking around. I couldn’t see her facial expressions, but by her body language, she was very scared. Backing up slowly, jumping occasionally, and appearing to shoot something. I watched for a few minutes, but it didn’t seem as though they were going to show what her perspective was.

I wanted to find out more, so I went to the youtube channel of the people who posted the video to get more information. What I found out about it is pretty amazing.


What it is


There is a company, called Zero Latency, who has developed a virtual reality game with, well, zero latency. It uses an Oculus Rift in order to bring a more immersive and realistic experience to virtual reality.

The blue balls that are attached to the device are motion capture devices, similar to what is used to bring life-like movements to the games we already have. With this technology, it allows the user to move around, in whatever space they’re in, and the viewpoint in game will move seamlessly along with the user. Because of this, the use shouldn’t feel any nausea or motion sickness. According to the developers, it will also support multiple people, so you can play with friends, in a co-op manner, or possibly, competitively (though that would seem unnecessary). In addition to the Rift and the gun that you’re holding, there is also a backpack that you need to wear. It’s a bit inconvenient, but necessary to hold all of the technology involved.

They have plans to allow the use of this for more than just gaming as well. They can program it to do just about anything. If you’re a contractor, for example, and you’re trying to show your vision of someone’s home to them, you can have them put this on, so they can physically walk through the space. The military will also be able to use this technology for training purposes. And, i’m assuming, this is only the beginning.


My Opinion


Right now, it appears that it’s another zombie game, but it completely changes the way we can play. For all of us out there who have blamed our losses on lag, or a glitch in the game, this will be a way for us to prove it (or have it proven to us that maybe, we’re not that good).

On their website, it says that it can be set up, just about anywhere, in a matter of hours. I’m assuming they have to take the shape and dimensions of whatever room they’ll be setting up in, so they can program it into the game. I think they’d have to, otherwise the player would be bumping into walls and other things in the physical environment.

I also wonder, and hope, that when playing with multiple people, if you’re close enough to touch them in the game, that you’re actually close enough to touch them in the real world as well. They should be able to communicate with each other in that way.

Overall, I’m excited about this, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other kinds of games that they will come out with. It was only a matter of time until this technology would become available, and now that it has, I’m excited to see how it actually works. I’m also curious to see how well it will be received by the public. People certainly seem to be taking a liking to the Oculus Rift. If anybody from Zero Latency is reading this, I volunteer to beta test this as well!

Let us know in the comments what you think about this, and if you’re excited to see where virtual reality goes in the future.


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