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Xbox One Multitasking — What Happened To It?

I’m not sure if it’s just my console or what, but it seems my Xbox One multitasking feature doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Honestly, I don’t even know if multitasking is the correct term, but it’s a feature that I enjoyed, and now can’t seem to find. xbox-one-logo

One of the big selling points to the Xbox One, before it came out, is the fact that you could stop your game at any time, and when you went back to it, it would be exactly where you left off. If you were to receive a skype call, wanted to watch a couple hours of TV, or even if you turned off the system, when you went back to your game it should be left off in the exact place you were when you stopped.

This used to work wonders for me. I would be playing a game, my girlfriend would come home, so I’d pause it and we’d watch some TV. She’d go and take a shower, I’d pull the game back up, no problem. She’d come out, I’d turn the TV on again. If she was cooking dinner that night, I’d, once again, jump back to the game to get another hour or so in while she was cooking.

It was pretty much flawless, and it was an awesome feature. I used to play NBA for a couple hours each day, attempting to get my player up to 99 overall. In between games, I’d sometimes turn off my system to get work xbox one homedone or because I was leaving to do something. When I turned my Xbox back on, as long as my profile was signed in before I started up the game, I would go right back to the pre-game screen with my player sitting in a chair on the sidelines of the practice gym.

Even if I was in the middle of playing a game and I had to stop with, say, 5 minutes left to go in the 3rd quarter it would work. When I came back to the game after shutting off the console or simply going to a different app, it would still be at 5 minutes left in the 3rd. I used that feature frequently and the majority of the time, didn’t even think about it as I was using it.

A couple weeks ago, though, I was playing the storyline for Advanced Warfare. I haven’t even played the storyline for a Call of Duty game in years, much less beat one, but I told myself I’d finish this one because of Kevin Spacey. It’s been a while since I’ve beaten a game in general but I was close to the end, and like I said, I wanted to beat it.

I had to leave for some reason, but I wasn’t going to be long, so I paused the game, but left everything on. When I got back home, my roommate was here and he was playing the Xbox. He turned off Advanced Warfare and started playing Smite. Smite is installed on the Xbox and I have the disc for AW, so it’s not like he had to take out the AW disc or anything, he just went to Smite to start playing.

I was a little annoyed that he’d just turn off my game and start playing, but I wasn’t terribly worried about it because I figured I could just go back to AW and pick up where I left off. Once I regained control of the Xbox and went back to AW, that wasn’t the case. The game loaded up as if it were the first time that day, and I was back at the main menu.

I ended up having to re-play a couple of missions in order to get back to where I was (not a lot but more than 0 which would’ve been ideal). I started playing NBA 2K15 again, recently, trying to go for that elusive quadruple-double. I stopped to do some work and watch ESPN, but when I went back to the game, once again, it acted as if it was the first time the game was being played today. espn on xbox one

The Xbox has updated a few times since I was heavily using this feature. Also, I moved and no longer have cable, so I don’t use the “watch TV through my Xbox” feature anymore. I don’t know if either of these have anything to do with my issue, but it’s something I’ve thought about. There may also be a setting that got turned off that I missed or something as well. I’m not sure.

Either way, I hope either I can fix it or Xbox fixes it. It’s something that I used all of the time, and now that I’m not able to, it’s kind of an inconvenience. If you’ve noticed anything like this let me know in the comments, and especially let me know if you’ve got a solution!

Thanks for reading. If you were on the fence about buying an Xbox One, I hope this didn’t push you in the opposite direction. I still very much love my Xbox One, and I’m sure you will as well!

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