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Xbox One E3 Announcements

I apologize to everyone out there reading this who prefers PS4 over Xbox One, I only have an Xbox One, so that’s mostly what this post is going to be about. On Tuesday I made sure to have my calendar set to let me know when E3 was starting. I’m glad I did too, because I nearly missed it. I was working and completely forgot about it. I turned on my Xbox just in time to catch the beginning of their briefing.xbox-one-logo

They presented a lot of things during their presentation that look awesome, and that I’m excited for. If you happened to miss it for some reason, you’re in luck, I’m about to talk about some of the announcements that I, personally, think are really cool.




New games were basically this focal point at this year’s E3, and I think a lot of them sound really, really cool. Quite possibly the biggest game that they highlighted was Halo 5: Guardians, which looks amazing. I really like the “drop-in, drop-out” co-op aspect that they’re bringing into the game; you’ll potentially always have someone watching your back while you’re playing. Multiplayer looks really cool too. The maps and player sizes are bigger than ever and it should make for really exciting gameplay. I’ve never really gotten into the Halo universe, but I may start with 5.

Fallout 4 is another big announcement. The developers are bringing back a lot of the classic gameplay, with some new features in a gorgeous new world. I had a bad experience playing fallout 3 a few years back. When I’m playing games, if I go to a new area, I try to explore the entire area before I leave so that I don’t miss anything. I ended up finding a room that was locked, and the only key was on an NPC. I stole the key from him while he was asleep, and broke into that one room.

What I didn’t know, though, was there was a pretty high level robot guarding that room that killed me with one shot. Even worse, the game saved as soon as I entered the room. There was no save to revert to. I kept restarting at that checkpoint every time I died. I tried escaping and, knowing he was right behind me, trying different things to get away from him. There was no use, though, and I eventually gave up. I didn’t play anymore Fallout after that, so maybe I’ll give this one a try.

There’s a new title coming out soon that looks interesting, called Recore. The trailer shows what I’m assuming to be the main character with her robot dog. They end up in a cave of sorts, when they get attacked. They fight valiantly, but in order to win the dog sacrifices himself killing all of the enemies. Though the dog is gone, there’s a blue orb left behind where he was. The main character picks up the orb and puts it into a nearby robot that appears dead. The robot comes to life and seems to have the characteristics of a dog. Since the game is called Recore, I’m assuming that the orbs are “cores” and a large part of the game will be finding the best robot to put the cores into to accomplish your tasks. I won’t know for sure how much I like this game until I play it, but I will definitely let you all know.

Indie developers made a pretty big splash at this year’s E3 as well. There was Ashen, an open-world RPG, that’s animated very interestingly; Beyond Sight, which was a game that has you play as a blind person, showing that sight isn’t everything; Cuphead which was a 1930’s cartoon style platformer that looked pretty hectic; DayZ, which is an open world horror/survival game, with the theme being (obviously) zombies; and Sea of Thieves which appeared to be a MMO pirate game. With the exception of DayZ (I’m pretty much over all things zombies) I’m intrigued by all of these games, and am looking forward to see how they play.

In addition to the 2 sequels I mentioned above, there are more sequels in the works as well that are highly anticipated. One of which is Gears of War, which looks amazing and should be a lot of fun. Another is Forza 6, which is also going to be featuring the new Ford GT. The model they displayed at the conference looked sick and I’m excited to see how it drives in the game. Finally, Rise of the Tomb Raider looked like it will be intense and have you on the edge of your seat and your heart pounding throughout the entire game.


Hardware & Software


One of the biggest announcements that they made during their presentation is that of an accessory. They are releasing a new Xbox One controller called the Xbox Elite controller. It promises to be fully customizable allowing youXbox Elite Controller to add paddles on the back, hair-trigger lock the triggers, and even swap the D-pad and thumbsticks. It seems as if Microsoft is trying to cash in on some of the Scuf profits.

Another big announcement was backward compatibility. This might be my overall favorite announcement from the entire conference. I still have all of my Xbox 360 games (at least the ones that didn’t get “borrowed” from friends), but I no longer have my Xbox 360 hooked up. It had been so long since I last played any of them that I was beginning to contemplate selling them. I’m glad I didn’t, though. Now I’ll be able to play all of them again and re-live the fun. Maybe I’ll turn my 360 in to get an external hard drive. My One’s hard drive has been full for months.

Speaking of playing old games, if you’re really feeling nostalgic, you’ll probably be interested in Rare Replay. Rare is releasing a collection 30 of their most beloved games, like Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie, for $30 exclusively on the One. Some of my most fond memories of video games occurred on the N64, so that’s definitely something I’m going to be picking up.

Electronic Arts made some pretty big announcements during this presentation as well. If you haven’t yet signed up for EA Access, they’re trying to sweeten the deal. They are going to be adding Titanfall and Dragon Age Inquisition to the platform which is really cool. They also announced that new EA games that come out will be playable a few days early through EA access so you can start playing before everyone else if you’re a member. If you want to get a jump-start on games, this may be for you.

Xbox and Microsoft are also partnering with Oculus. They will be EA-Access-img.1.jpg.pagespeed.ce.GRiIiFaJiEproviding an Xbox controller with each new Oculus, to be used as the primary controller for the virtual reality system. Also, from what I understood, Xbox One games will also be playable through an Oculus Rift, which will greatly add to the immersive experience of playing your games. If you know anything about me, I’m a big advocate of immersion.

The last thing that I thought looked really cool was the gaming experience on Hololense. They only showed off Minecraft, but the way you can interact with the game is amazing. You can move the map up and down and turn it around; as well as zoom in and out to get either a detailed or a broad perspective of what you’re creating. I’m excited to see the future uses of the Hologram as well.




I’m excited, as always, for the future of gaming. Game developers are spending a lot of time and money figuring out ways to make our games bigger, better, more personal, and above all more fun. I can’t wait to get my hands on a lot of these new games and accessories myself and enjoy them!

Thanks for reading! What was your favorite announcement from E3? Let us know in the comments! Also, when you’re ready to take you gaming up a notch, just enter your name and email in the form above and you can get your FREE copy of my eBook “Winning at Video Games” which provides you with 8 tips that you can use to get better at video games today!

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