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Xbox Games with Gold. Worth It?

For those of you who don’t know what it is, Xbox Games with Gold is a program that Microsoft announced in July of 2013. They began releasing 2 full games per month that anybody on Xbox 360 with an Xbox Live Gold subscription could download for free. Microsoft has said that it plans to continue this program throughout the life of the console.

Xbox Games with Gold


A few months after the Xbox One was released; Microsoft announced they’d be bringing Games with Gold to the One. Now anybody with an Xbox 360 and/or an Xbox One can get up to two games per month on each console.

For those of you who aren’t really sure whether you want to upgrade to Xbox Live Gold, and one of your main determining factors is Games with Gold, this post is for you.


A quick word

Before I really get into it; I’m one of those people who look through comments whenever i’m trying to find out information about something. Sometimes, the people commenting on the post/page/game etc. have some really good opinions about what I’m looking at and it can be super helpful.

That said, a lot of the comments I see on the Games with Gold games are complaints about the game. For some reason, a lot of people leaving the comments want the next best thing in gaming. Everyone should keep in mind that they are games that are being released at no cost, so obviously they aren’t always going to be the best games.


A reason to go Gold


I have been an Xbox Live Gold subscriber for some time now, and I was excited when Microsoft first announced this program. A year into it, here are my thoughts.

Not every game that is released through Games with Gold will be something that looks appealing to you, and that’s ok. I’ve passed up on more than my fair share of the free games but every month I’m excited to see what Microsoft will release for us next. I’ve also noticed, if you play primarily on Xbox 360 and you’d like to play older games, don’t rush out and buy them. A lot of the games that have been released through the program for the 360 have been older games that are coming back into the limelight.

Like I said earlier, though, Most of the games that get released through the program won’t appeal to the majority of people; but if you read the descriptions of them before you download them I’m sure you’ll find a gem of a game that will appeal to you.

One really big example is the case with me and “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood”. When I checked, on my Xbox One, what the Games with Gold game for the month was (a few months ago) I came across this game. It was described as a side-scrolling puzzle game, which immediately caught my attention, and I’ve had a ton of fun with that game. This months games didn’t appeal to me personally, but I’m sure a lot of people got great gameplay out of them.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood


I don’t often play my Xbox 360 anymore, but I check it towards the beginning of every month to see what the Games with Gold will be. Sometimes I come across a game that looks good, so I download it, and end up playing my 360 exclusively for a while.



Overall, I think that Games with Gold, in and of itself, can justify an Xbox Live Gold membership. If you can find three or more games per year through the Games with Gold program that you think you’d pay at least $20 for then you’ve essentially gotten your moneys worth of Xbox Live Gold right there.

I’ll continue to take advantage of the program until either they shut the program down or Xbox Live itself goes down (knock on wood for both).

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Games with Gold are, or what you think about the program itself. I love talking about games and will jump into the conversations too!


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