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Winning at Video Games eBook

Are you ready to take your gaming to the next level? Download my eBook! Winning at Video Games provides you with 8 tips that you can begin to implement immediately to increase your gaming skill!


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  1. Don’t Feel Bad For Winning


This first tip may seem like it’s common sense, but it’s very important. You have to let go of that negative feeling that you get when you’re dominating your friends. We all know how it goes. You’re playing against your friend and you’re just destroying him. It doesn’t matter what he does, you counter and you get the advantage.

This may mean getting a lot of interceptions in Madden, dominating by 20+ in NBA 2K or constantly killing and getting killstreaks in Call of Duty. As you’re doing this, you can see that your friend is visibly defeated, and he’s really upset that he just can’t catch a break in the game. He may be yelling or swearing, or accusing you or the game of cheating, but whatever it is, he’s clearly upset. You start to feel bad because this person is your friend. You don’t want him to be upset, so you start to feel bad and you don’t play your best anymore. That doesn’t help anybody. It doesn’t help your friend because he won’t get better, and it definitely won’t help you because you’re not playing your best. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

Strangely, I’ve been most guilty of this when playing Monopoly. Monopoly can be a very, very long game, and as you get towards the end, everyone has been trying their best, and everyone wants to win. If I’m up, considerably, and someone lands on my property and has to give me the rest of their money, I couldn’t help but feel bad. That person started at the same place that I did and worked hard to get properties and make as much money as they could, and here I am taking everything from them.

Eventually, though, I realized that not only is it just a game, but also, someone has to win. Why can’t that person be me? Also, I know that at some point I’m going to be on the losing end of the game, and the person beating me more than likely isn’t going to feel bad for me, so why feel bad.

It takes some doing, but in time, you’ll be able to best your friends, and strangers, at a lot of games and not feel bad about it at all. Next time you’re beating one of your friends at a game, and you can tell that they’re upset about it and you start to feel bad, just tell yourself that it’s just a game. You get upset with it sometimes, as well as your friend, it comes with the territory. His mood shouldn’t affect yours.

You can also give your friend some tips about what you’re doing that you think will help them out. This will make the game you’re playing more competitive and fun, and it will help ease the guilt that you feel. Eventually, though, as you keep telling yourself that it’s just a game and your friend’s mood shouldn’t dictate yours, you will naturally fell less and less bad about winning.

When you stop feeling bad about winning so quickly and easily, you’ll be ready to implement the rest of the strategies here and take your game to the next level!


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Thank for reading, and I can’t wait to hear how this book helped you guys out, leave a comment letting me know. Also feel free to share this page with anyone you think could use some help getting better at video games!

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