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The Crew Online — Fun but Frustrating

I beat the story line, so naturally I began playing The Crew online. I had some struggles at first, then started getting the hang of how everything worked, started succeeding, and then got confused again.The Crew

I had a lot of fun playing The Crew. The story-line was kind of short, and corny, but that’s ok, I enjoyed it. There isn’t a ton of vehicle options, but there’s a good amount, and they’re popular, desirable cars. You can buy them, upgrade them, and customize the looks. I really enjoy every aspect of that in most car games, this being no exception.

Side note, why can’t we just be an illegal street-racer? It seems kind of pointless, and it took away from the game a bit for me, that we had to be working undercover for the FBI. The game could’ve been exactly the same (except for a couple of missions and cut scenes), but instead of trying to avenge your brother, you’re just trying to become the leader of the 510’s.

Anyway, when I first started playing online, it was kind of early in the game. I wanted to switch things up a little bit and see how I would do against players online in my brand new perf spec car. It was a BMW, with a rating of about 750. Needless to say, I didn’t do very well, and I realized that if you want to be successful online, you really shouldn’t start until after you’ve reached level 50 and unlocked the ability to get platinum parts.

I got to that level, and went back online. This time in an SLS AMG. I did, basically, all of the jumps that I could find, to get all platinum parts. I didn’t go for all level 50’s, I figured just having platinum parts was enough. It is and it isn’t. A lot of it depends on who’s in the lobby with you, but I was typically able to hold my own. I would frequently come in 2nd or 3rd place in full lobbies, and come in first a lot when there were only a couple other people in the lobby.

I did some research online to find out how to get my car to 1299 (all level 50 parts). I found out that the easiest way is to do the jump skills until you get a level 50 part, then go to the next jump skill to get the next level 50 part, and so on until your car is maxed out. I did that, got my car to a 1299, and that is when I started to realize that I don’t know as much about this game as I previously thought. As of right now, the only car I have at 1299 is my SLS AMG circuit spec, so that is what I’m referring to when I talk about my “1299 car.”The Crew Co op

As I said before, before my car was a 1299, I would be able to hold my own against most cars. I’d occasionally come in first against cars that were at 1299, but it was typically because I was either a better driver, and they spun out for some reason; or it was because I’d run them off the road and get enough of a lead that they couldn’t catch back up.

Once I did get to 1299, though, I went into the PVP lobby and the first race was with circuit spec cars. One of the other cars in the lobby was a Alfa Romeo (I’m pretty sure) with a 975 rating. I didn’t think anything of it because my car was rated so much higher than his.

We started the race, and it was clear from the very beginning that his car was faster than mine. I was decently close for the majority of the race, but it was really no contest. He strolled on to an easy win.

I stayed in the lobby, and he ended up beating me every time except for one (so I thought). I finished ahead of him, but this happened:



As you can probably imagine, I wasn’t happy about this. It frustrated me kind of a lot, but I calmed down and figured that his car was just a better, faster car. It didn’t really make sense to me because I had a car that was tuned a lot better, seemingly, but it was what it was. I left the lobby and didn’t play for a bit.

I came back a little bit later, and started playing online again. The first race ended up being for perf spec cars, which my SLS AMG also is. It’s not at 1299, it’s at 1234. My main competition was a Nissan GT-R, with a 1299 rating. Don’t get me wrong, the GT-R is an awesome car. One of my favorites. But I figured since that’s a car you can get at the beginning of the game, and I had to shell out about 300,000 “bucks” for my car later in the game, and both cars were close in rating, that I’d be able to beat him fairly easily.

I was wrong about that as well. The GT-R was far and away faster than my car, and I didn’t stand a chance. I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke or what, so I stayed in the lobby, we raced a few more times, and I never came close to beating him.The Crew Tuning

This is why I’m frustrated with this game. If I seem to have a better car, I lose, and If I have a “worse” car, but it’s more finely tuned and upgraded, I still lose. I can’t seem to figure out why.

I don’t know what the deciding factor is for these cars, or how to ┬ácompare your car to your competition. When in matchmaking, the only metric that you can get from other cars is their rating, but you can’t take that as any sort of real value because it seems you can get beat no matter what the rating of the car is.

I know, when you get parts, there’s a bonus that’s randomly applied. I find it hard to believe that people not only do the skill challenges until they get level 50 parts, but they do them until they get a level 50 part with the speed bonus attached. It would be immensely time consuming, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the combination of the 2 seemingly ever.

I suppose I’ll have to do more research, and find out what makes a better car in The Crew, and how I can have the fastest car possible. Until then, I guess I’m going to have to rely on the luck of the lobbies to winning races frequently.

Thanks for reading. If you have any idea about what makes a car good in this game please let us know in the comments! And don’t be like me in this game, take your gaming to the next level by downloading my eBook “Winning at Video Games.” Just enter your name and email address above, and you’ll be able to get your FREE copy!

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