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Sunset Overdrive — Crazy, Fun Xbox One Exclusive!

Compared to when Sunset Overdrive came came out, this post is a little late. It came out for Xbox One in October last year. I only just got the game, though, and definitely wanted to share my opinions on it with all of you. I’ve played it for a few hours now, and I’m really enjoying it. Read on, and I’ll tell you why.


Playing the Game


When you begin the game, you’re able to customize your character. You start with the body type, which you can choose between: buff female, skinny female, buff male, and skinny male. I’m a slimmer guy, so I chose the skinny male. I figured I was stuck with that decision, but it turns out that everything about your character, including body type, can be changed in the future.Sunset Overdrive

When customizing, you can pick from a premade group of faces, but I didn’t see any way to customize your character’s face further. They seem to have a large pool of faces though, so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding one you’ll like. One thing that I really liked, when customizing my character, was that there were additional eye colors other than the usual brown/blue/green etc. My guy’s eyes are ice-white, and I think that’s awesome.

When you first start out creating your character, there aren’t a ton of options to choose from, but you can unlock more apparel, hairstyles, and more as you play the game.

The game is very “cartoon-ey” but that’s pretty obvious from the ads. What I didn’t realize, though, is that it’s kind of comic book style. Words will appear on different things in the world, instead of just coming up as subtitles, and occasionally, you’ll see “boom” or “pow” after killing enemies, which I thought was really cool.

As you may (or may not) know, the premise of the game is that there was an energy drink company who created a new drink called OverCharge. The company, FizzCo, had an exclusive launch in Sunset City. They rushed the drink out, and, because of this, they didn’t realize that everyone who drinks their new drink, turns into mutants. FizzCo quarantined the city, and claimed there was a virus that killed everyone within the city borders. Based on what I’ve played so far, the main objective is to get out of Sunset City so you can expose FizzCo for what they’ve done. You’re basically doing a variety of missions and side missions to upgrade your player and weapons etc. so that you can get out of the quarantined zone.

The mutants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The regular mutants are called OD, or OverCharge Drinkers. In addition to those mutants, though, there are Poppers, which are slightly stronger, and pop when you kill them, Hurkers which are giant “boss-type” mutants, Spawners, which are also huge and powerful, and they also spawn more OD, and many more. The mutants aren’t the only enemies you have to worry about, though. There are also Scabs, which are other survivors who are basically fighting everything and everyone (including you) to survive.

The weapons in this game are pretty unconventional as well. Which is another reason I like it. Instead of just using a machine gun or a shotgun; you have a “flaming overcompensator” which is basically a shotgun that shoots fire, and TNTeddy, which is a rocket launcher that shoots teddy bears. That’s just a couple of examples, there are more funny, borderline inappropriate sounding guns that you can collect throughout the game.

In addition to your base weapons and moves, you can earn Amps. Amps can be added to your character to make him do more damage, or different types of damage, or they can be added to the guns to increase their damage or cause them to burn or stun an enemy. Just equipping an Amp isn’t enough to use it, though. While you’re traversing the map, grinding, hopping off of things, and wall running, you earn style points. You’re style meter goes up to level 4 and at each level, you can use a new Amp. I like this aspect a lot because it forces you to use the grinding and wall running features, instead of allowing you to just stand in one spot and try to kill your enemies.

Speaking of which, another way they force you to continue moving is by making you die a lot more quickly when you’re not moving. They tell you a few times in the beginning of the game, and throughout the game there are indicators reminding you, that standing still is the easiest way to die. You get hit by enemies a lot less when you’re grinding and wall running. In most cases, there’s even a line or two that you can constantly grind on, that will circle your enemies so you don’t have to worry about finding a new wire to grind on. Moving while shooting does make it a bit more difficult to hit your enemies, but it’s well worth it. You can tell that one of the main points of this game is never stop moving.

As you’re playing, you collect both cans and money. Cans can be used to purchase more weapons and refill your ammo, and the money is used for wardrobe and customization upgrades. I haven’t found any other uses for either type of currency yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more.

Traversing the map isn’t the only way to get around. When you find a new area or base location, you can fast travel there. When you do fast travel, your character gets drunk and passes out, and wakes up in a “portal pottie” at the destination. Also, when you die, you’re brought back to life in pretty funny ways. One time I was hatched out of an egg, and another time I was dropped off by a UFO. These aren’t huge parts of the game, but I thought they were funny, and I love that the devs included them, so I wanted to include them in this article.

There is also an online mode that I haven’t played yet called Chaos Squad. In this mode, you team up with a group of other players online and take on swarms of OD. You’re able to gain more powerups and Amps this way, but it is supposedly more difficult.




I definitely like this game. It’s really funny, raunchy, and can be inappropriate which are all things that I enjoy. The humor is balanced with really fun gameplay, a large open world, and creative ways to traverse the world. Together it all feels solid and fluid, and it’s just a joy to play. I can’t wait to find out how it ends.


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