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Soon You’ll be Able to Play Xbox One on your PC!!

If you’ve got an Xbox One and a device running Windows 10, sometime this year, according to reports, you’ll be able to stream games right to your device! That means not only will you be able to play on your Desktop PC, but you’ll also be able to play on your Surface Pro 3 if you’ve got one.


I’m Excited For This!


This is going to be awesome for me, and I’m sure a lot of you as well. For one, there has been many times for me where I’ve both wanted to game and watch TV.

Similar to this, maybe, but without all the wires!

A couple of years ago, my roommate at the time and I had 2 TV’s in our living room, so there was never a battle over game time V.S. TV time. Now, though, I’ve only got one TV in the living room so I have to choose between the two. Yes, I could “Xbox Snap” the TV to my game and watch like that, but it really isn’t the ideal experience. So being able to have a dedicated monitor for gaming while watching TV will be fantastic! And, you’ll be able to do this without buying another Xbox One.

Another reason this will be great for me, and I’m sure some of you is, that I live with my girlfriend. She gets bored when I’m hogging the TV playing video games and she’s just watching. So, when she’s home, I only play for an hour or so while she’s showering or something. Now, though, I’ll be able to pick up right where I left off on my computer, and she can have the entire TV to herself.

Even if you don’t live with a significant other, There may still be people in your household who would much rather have the TV used for watching rather than one person playing a game. If you’re not in this boat at all, Awesome! (I miss college) but that’s not the case for all of us.

I’m not sure about you, but I tend to be better at shooters (specifically Call of Duty) when I play on a smaller screen, but I really enjoy the experince of other games on large TV’s. I looked into an HDMI splitter, so that I could have 2 TV’s hooked up to my Xbox, but not only would that diminish the visual quality of the game, I also couldn’t find a practical way to pull it off. Soon, though, I’ll be able to have the gaming experience I’m looking for, with all games, without having to have a bunch of extra, ugly cords running across my living room floor.


Windows 10 - Being released later this year

Windows 10 – Being released later this year

You can do all of this without buying another Xbox One! I know I said that earlier, but I thought it deserved to be repeated. In my opinion, this is going to be a game changer, and I’m excited to see how it works.


Things I’m Not Sure About


There are a couple of important things, though, that I’m not reallys sure about. First off, as I mentioned earlier, this will work with a Surface Pro 3. The article that I read said that we’ll be able to stream to any device running Windows 10, but it doesn’t seem feasible to run it on a tablet.

I also don’t know what the quality of the stream will be like. I’m sure a lot of the factors will come down to your internet speeds, but weather or not your game will play in full HD is still a mystery to me. I’m also not sure what the connection quality will be like when playing online. It’s already going to take up bandwith just to get the game streaming to your device, so I’d imagine that would affect the quality of your connection as well. There wouldn’t really be a point to streaming your game if you’re constantly lagging, and the experience isn’t enjoyable.

How we’re supposed to go about actually playing is another thing that wasn’t clear to me. I’m assuming that we’ll be able to hook an Xbox One Controller to your PC with a USB cable, but I don’t know. If that’s not possible, though, it would be a huge inconvenience.

The last thing i’m not sure about is wether or not you’ll be able to play disk based games as well as downloaded games. I have to imagine you can, considering you have to install every game before you play it anyway. Despite all of this, though, I think this a great advancement and I can’t wait to see how it pans out. Sometime in March, there’s going to be more information available about this new feature, so check back here then to find out the news!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments why you can’t wait to be able to stream games to your PC, and don’t forget to hit one of those share buttons below as well!

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