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Some of My Best Kills in Call of Duty: Ghosts

First of all, I’d like to say that I love the “Xbox Record That” feature of the Xbox One. I’m not a “YouTuber”, nor do I want to be, but sometimes it helps to add videos to this blog. With the record that feature, I can easily capture a clip of my best kills in Call of Duty: Ghosts or my best gameplay in other games so I can share it here with all of you, and I don’t have to buy any extra, expensive equipment. I also don’t have to worry about storing tons of gameplay video data. It’s very convenient.

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That was just a short rant about being able to say “Xbox Record That” and how convenient it is, and has nothing to do with this actual post. This post is actually, in most part, about some more awesome throwing knife kills I’ve gotten recently. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; throwing knives are incredibly fun to use, and my shotgun class is becoming my favorite class to use (depending on the map I’m playing on) in terms of sheer fun-ness. (If you’re not sure what that class is check out This Post, the class is listed at the bottom).

For two of these videos I’m using the shotgun class that I mentioned above, and in the third video I was playing Gun Game, but all three involve throwing knife kills. None of these, or any, of my throwing knife kills are those random, lucky, across the map kills where I throw the knife aimlessly and happen to get a kill. Typically, I don’t even attempt these kinds of kills because they’re a waste of the throwing knife. Not only are the chances of you getting a kill this way very, very slim, but you also, more than likely, won’t be able to find your knife again later. I also don’t play with two throwing knives because I would rather use the points on a more useful perk.

With that being said, though, here are the videos, along with my thought process during each moment.


Long-Range Throwing Knife


This video, as with my first throwing knife video, takes place on the map Sovereign and I’m playing Kill Confirmed. In this video, I had just respawned and I decided to head up the stairs to take one of the catwalks across the map. Right as I jumped through the window I saw two enemies in the window opposite the catwalk from me. I thought (hoped mostly) that if I were to throw a knife through that window, I’d be bound to hit one of them.



And it paid off! Obviously a large amount of luck played a part in this kill. You can see the enemy was going one way, changed his mind, and started going the other way, which led him right into my knife. I’ll take it though!


Shotgun/Throwing Knife Combo


In this video, I’m playing some Kill Confirmed on the map Overlord. This is a really big map, which isn’t great for shotgun use, but I was planning on staying inside the hangar area which is a lot more close quarters.

I’m headed back into the building at the beginning of this video. Shortly after I get inside, I see an enemy at the bottom of the stairs. I kill him, and I start to head up the stairs when I hear a couple of enemies coming from behind me. I turn around to see them heading through the underground tunnel, and since they’re far and there’s two of them I figured I’d throw my knife and hope to get one of them. Just as I throw my knife, one of the guys decides he doesn’t want to go through that tunnel anymore and starts heading towards me.



As you can see, I nailed the first guy with my throwing knife, then got the second guy with my shotgun. Double Kill! I thought it would be a triple kill, but apparently the first one didn’t quite happen quickly enough. I head out to grab the tags, and to get my knife back so I can continue my spree.


Gun Game Comeback


In this last video, I’m playing some Gun Game on the map Strikezone. I’m a few kills down, and, honestly, I’m not expecting great things from this game. As much as I love playing Gun Game, I don’t win that often; I’m not a good sniper, and I always seem to get hitmarkers with the explosives.

In this gameplay, though, I’ve already gotten the explosive kill, and I only have to get 5 kills before the first place person gets 2. I’m on the bulldog at the start of this video, and fortunately multiple enemies are headed towards where I am.



I get 4 kills in rapid succession to put me at the final weapon. All I need now is the throwing knife kill, but I died. Surprisingly (not really) I respawn just a few feet away from where I died, so I know there’s an enemy nearby. He’s a little far away, but I took the risk and it paid off. I ended up winning even though I was down a few weapons. Also, that was probably the best sniper kill I’ve ever gotten; maybe, if I can do that consistently, I’ll start using snipers more often.

Thanks for reading, and let us know about some of your best/most fun kills and classes in the comments. I wish you all the best with all of your gaming.


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