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Smite: Battleground of the Gods

Recently, I received a beta code for Smite: Battleground of the Gods. I hadn’t heard of smite before then, but the game is awesome. How I came about the beta code is a pretty cool story, too.

My roommate is a very outgoing and social guy. That’s not to say that I’m not, but his job requires him to talk to people all day long, and he doesn’t really turn it off when he gets home. Smite Battleground of the Gods

A few days ago, that charisma came in handy. He was going around our apartment building, looking to meet our neighbors, and he ended up hanging out with a couple of guys in the apartment across from ours. It turned out that these guys work for WarGaming. He got their cards, but he also came back with a code for this new game.

(Obviously) The code was a beta code for Smite. We installed the game and immediately started playing. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw the name and the cover art. All I knew is that it looked interesting.

And let me tell you, it’s more than interesting, it’s a lot of fun!


Playing the Game


When you first start up the game, you get to choose from a set of Gods. These are all gods from different mythological backgrounds, so you’ve probably heard of a lot of them. In the beginning we chose to play as Thor, yes Thor. We liked his stats and abilities, plus, it’s THOR!

As you play through the game, you can unlock different Gods to play as, and you earn Favor after each game which also can be used to unlock additional Gods. They have a TON of Gods that are available, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that best suits your play style.

We played mostly Arena, but there are a few different game modes. Arena isn’t the main game mode, but it was our favorite. In Arena, it’s essentially you and 4 other Gods against another team of 5 Gods. You enter the arena and battle each other. Which ever team reduces the other teams score to 0 wins.

The main game mode is Conquest. In conquest your main objective is to get to the other team’s base and destroy their Titan. There are 3 lanes in this mode, and a jungle with NPC enemies that provide temporary buffs to your God. It’s up to you to figure out the best way to level up your God, add items, use buffs etc. to get a victory.

Aside from those 2 game modes, there’s also:

  • Assault
  • Joust
  • Siege and
  • Match of the Day

Assault is similar to Conquest, except there’s no jungle. You just have to destroy the enemies structures leading up to their Titan (which you must also destroy). Also, you’re not able to pick your own God in this mode, it’s randomized and chosen for you.

Joust is another version of Conquest, but this one is smaller. It plays as either 3 vs 3 or 1 vs 1. there’s still a jungle, but it’s a smaller one, and your main objective is still to kill the other team’s Titan.

Siege is a medium sized version of Conquest. It plays very similar, but during the game you’re able to spawn a Siege Juggernaut. This is a giant, more powerful, albeit slower minion that will help push your team toward victory.

Match of the day is a daily changing game mode. You just have to play it to see what that day’s game mode will be. To read more about each game mode, click here.

When you first go into each game mode, everyone starts out at the same level with the same amount of gold. As you play the game, kill minions and other players, and generally do things that help your team, your level increases. Along with your level, the amount of gold you have increases as well. You use the gold that you accumulate to purchase items to equip to your God.

Each item has different stats that apply to your God, making them more formidable. The more expensive the item, the better the buff is to your God. There are also passive items that can be equipped that will automatically happen as different things in the game happen, and consumables that you can use to give yourself a quick boost in-game.

There are a ton of different items you can choose from as well. There is a lot of strategy to the game, and choosing the right combination of items is key to succeeding.

During the game, as you’re leveling up, you unlock the players abilities as well. Each player has 4 available abilities that benefit you in one way or another. Some of them deal damage, some of them slow down enemies or speed up your God; some are ranged, some aren’t and some allow you to attack from above or below. It all depends on which God you’re using.

Each attack has a cool-down time, so you can’t just continually use the ability. Typically, the better the ability, the longer the cool-down time. Some of the moves, if done correctly, can have their cool-down time shortened or even eliminated, but you have to read your God’s profile to find out those.

Killing other players is difficult, but insanely rewarding. You have to pay attention to each god to find out what level they’re at, where their life level is at, and more to find out when and if you should attack them. Run into a match “guns blazing” and you’re sure to get killed pretty quickly. Every move you make should be well planned out, and that’s one of the things that makes the game so much fun.

The only thing that I can say I dislike about this game (and it’s not even a Smite all godsbad thing) is the sheer volume of available Gods. Last I counted there were 66 and they seem to always be adding more. My roommate and I found out that the most Favor it would cost to buy a new God was 5,500 (at that time). Once we got there, we started looking through them and doing research online to find out who we should get. It took us a long time, and we didn’t actually end up making a decision until the next day.

Even then, we were torn. Once we get up to another 5,500 favor, we’re going to have to buy another God. They’re all (that we’ve played with so far) really fun to play with. The amount of Gods in this game makes the replayability factor really high.




Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with this game. If you’re on Xbox One, you should try to find a beta code for it stat. If you’re playing on PC Click Here to play it now! I can’t wait until the full version is released on the One because I’m excited to see what they have in store.

Thanks for reading ! have you played this game yet? let us know in the comments what you think about it! Also, when you’re ready to step up your gaming, enter your name and email address in the form towards the top of this page on the right to download your FREE copy of my eBook “Winning at Video Games.” It gives you 8 tips that you can use to increase your gaming skill Today!

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