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Rock Band 4 Coming This Year!

It’s been a few years since there’s been a “band” game. But coming soon (finally) will be a new one: Rock Band 4! It will be released on October 6th 2015, and I’m geeked. I’m ready to start rocking out with my friends as soon as I can!

I remember when I first heard about Guitar Hero. I was in high school. A few teammates of mine and I went over to one of our teammate’s houses to hang out for the night. The next morning, I was one of the last people to stick around. We were just kind of hanging out and I saw the guitar sitting in the corner.GH3_1

My friend said that he didn’t mind if I played, so that’s what I did. I started playing and I ended up sitting there and beating the whole game. Granted, I was only playing on easy, but I couldn’t stop playing. I was hooked.

I got the game for myself, and practiced a lot. I got decently good, not great, but good. I could play, well, a lot of the songs on expert, and almost all of them on hard. I couldn’t get enough.

When I went off to college, my roommate unpacked a Guitar Hero guitar as well. It was great. I’d finally be able to consistently play with/against someone. It turned out he was a lot better than me at the game, but it was still fun nonetheless. It was perfect for when we had people over, too. People loved it and it was a great party game.

Then one day, Rock Band was announced. It took the social aspect of Guitar Hero even further allowing you to not only play competitively against your friends, but cooperatively as an entire band. It was fantastic. Since I started with Guitar Hero, I was still most fond of the Guitar, when playing rock band, but I really enjoyed the drums as well.

Unfortunately, I never owned the game, but I knew people who did, and was constantly at their apartments playing the game. It’s never been a dream of mine to be in a band, but playing the instruments in a simulated way was a lot of fun.

They also introduced an awesome feature, allowing people to create their own songs. This was a fantastic idea, but the execution was okay at best. People were able to create songs that weren’t available with the game, but the sounds of each instrument didn’t sound the same. It was really fun playing the theme to Mario.

Though the creators of Rock Band and Guitar Hero continued to make “band” games, the appeal kind of fizzled out. I stopped seeing and hearing about the games almost completely. It was a disappointing time because I really enjoyed the games and always wanted to try out new songs.

Finally, though, they’re bringing the bands back together in a big way. Rock Band 4 will be released in October, and I’m really excited about it! Once again I’ll be able to gather a group of my friends together and play a full set as a band. I can’t wait.

The game will be sold in 2 different bundles. You can either buy the “Band in a Box” bundle which comes with the game, a guitar, the drum kit and a microphone; or you can buy just the game with a guitar. If you’d like to play with a second guitar, that’ll be something you’ll have to buy separately.rock band 4

It’s inconvenient, but it shouldn’t be a big deal for most people. Also, guitars from previous titles will be compatible with Rock Band 4. I’ll probably end up getting the entire band in a box kit because, even though I love playing the guitar, I want to get better with the drums.

They aren’t making an online multiplayer mode, at least not right out of the box, but there will be a multitude of DLC options. With all of the songs available for download there’s going to be over 1,500 songs that we’ll be able to play in the game. That’s a lot of songs, and I hope I can explore each and every one of them.

As I mentioned above, Rock Band 4 comes out on October 6th of this year. Make sure to pre-order it so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Thanks for reading. What aspect of Rock Band 4 are you most excited about? let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to hit a couple of those share buttons below!

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