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Quadruple Double — NBA 2K15

The Quadruple Double, NBA’s most elusive stat line, and one of the hardest stat lines to get no matter what level you play at. Only 1 person in recorded NCAA, and 4 people in recorded NBA history have ever achieved one. And I am going to attempt to be the 5th… In NBA 2k15.

Obviously, I always try to get a quadruple double. When I’m playing, I try to get as many stats as I can; but I’m going to officially make that my goal as soon as I finish maxing out all of my player’s attributes. I’m a 90 overall now, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until I’m ready to begin.



Once I do begin, I’m going to increase the quarter length to 12 minutes. I play on 7 minute quarters now, but I’d like to have as much time as possible. I’m not worried about points, rebounds, or even assists, but the blocks and/or steals part is going to be really tricky.

I’m really hoping that, once my attributes are maxed out, this won’t be too easy. I make good defensive plays now, with the little bit that I have increased my defensive attributes; and I get between 8 and 15 rebounds almost every time I play, and I haven’t increased my rebounding at all. This makes me think that I’ll easily be able to get a quadruple double once I have the attributes to go along with how I play.

I think it’ll be challenging enough, though. NBA 2K15 has a way of making sure your stat line doesn’t become too good. Star players will miss open shots that they should make after you passed them the ball, or they’ll stop giving you the ball altogether. If it does seem like it’s too easy, though, I’ll increase the difficulty or something.




As of right now, I’ve been focusing on increasing my scoring attributes and athleticism. I’m going to continue that, until they’ve got all 20 spaces filled in. Once my scoring and athleticism attributes are maxed out, I’ll begin working on my defensive stats.

I’ve already put my defensive stats up some, but I haven’t really needed to lately. When I first began the game, I was getting beat by defenders all of the time. I added about 4 bars to my defensive stats just so that I wouldn’t get beat, and since then I’ve been doing well enough to leave it where it’s at. I’ve also earned the “Eraser” badge, so I get almost 2 block per game.

Tenacious Rebounder Badge

Once I have my scoring and athleticism attributes maxed out, I’ll be adding to my defensive stats so that I have a better chance of getting those steals and blocks. Obviously I’ll need at least 10, so having those stats will really help.

I haven’t touched my rebounding attribute section yet, and I’m not sure yet if i’m going to. I have the “Tenacious Rebounder” badge already and I average almost 10 rebounds, so I may leave it alone. On the other hand, I may increase it a couple of spots just so I have a better chance of getting the misses.




I’m pretty excited to do this. I know it’s a video game, but I’ve never actually gotten a quadruple double before in any basketball game. I could barely get a double double in 2K13 (rebounds didn’t come easy, even with increased stats) and I never owned 2K14 myself so this will be fun for me.

Unfortunately, though, I don’t have a capture card. If I did, I would make this a live series so you could watch along with me playing. Maybe I’ll do that for NBA 2K16. I will, though, be bringing highlights so you can see all of the crossovers, dunks and 3’s that will get me that elusive quadruple double.

Stay tuned for a future post where I’ll talk about everything that went into getting the triple double.

Thanks for reading! If you’ve gotten a quadruple double (or quintuple double!!) tell us about it in the comments. Also, don’t forget to hit those share buttons below!

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