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Mafia 3 Release Date Sometime in 2016!

I’ve been looking for a Mafia 3 release date ever since I completed the story line of Mafia 2. It’s been a long time, so long that I thought it would never happen. However, now it appears I’m finally going to be getting the game I’ve waited so long for!

Back in 2010 when Mafia II came out I was excited about it and I made sure to pick it up. I didn’t play the original Mafia, but there was a lot of hype around Mafia II online and in the video game publications I frequently read back then; plus, it was a mafia game so there was a good chance I’d be interested anyway.Mafia III Revealed

I played through it and I loved it. It told, very well in my opinion, the story of joining and increasing your rank in the mafia. The only thing I didn’t really like about the game is the fact that doing a lot of the things outside of the main story didn’t really matter.

You could rob shops and things in the world, but other than giving you a little bit of cash, did nothing for you. It was an open world game, but there really didn’t seem to be a point in that.

Other than that, though (as I mentioned earlier), the game was fantastic. The story kept me engaged the entire time, it had ups and downs, and it made you really want your character to become a made man.

I beat the game and all I’ll say is it ended on a cliffhanger. If you’ve played the game, you know what I’m talking about. Because of this, I was really excited for Mafia III. I assumed it would come out that next year, but it didn’t.

Every few months since I beat Mafia II, I would Google Mafia III hoping there would be some new developments. Every time I did, though, there was nothing. It was very disappointing.

Until Now!

Recently, there have been rumors and signs pointing to the announcement of Mafia III. Things such as the fact that Take-Two bought a few “Mafia 3″ domain names just built the anticipation for me.

Last night, I was laying in bed and going through some open tabs on my phone, so I could close them. I had one tab open that was on the forums of a video game site, because I was doing some research on Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

While I was looking at the site, seeing if I still needed it open, the page darkened a bit as if an ad was about to pop up. I located the “X” so that I could close it quickly, and as I did, the ad flashed on screen. It was quick, but i could’ve sworn it was for Mafia III. I wanted to be sure, so I hit refresh on the page a few times, but the ad never came back up.

I really hoped that was what it was so I did some research today and it turned out yesterday it was officially announced! Mafia III will be release sometime in 2016!!



I have a love hate relationship with this news; but it’s definitely more love than hate. Since I’ve heard it, I’ve been doing a bunch of research on the game. It seems that it’s going to be taking place almost 20 years after Mafia II, in a completely different city with a completely different protagonist, Lincoln Clay. I’m sure they’ll address, either directly or indirectly, what ended up happening to/with Vito, considering he’s a prominent figure in this game, but I’d like to have played that out myself.

With Mafia II ending the way it did, just knowing what happened to the main characters isn’t quite enough for me. I thoroughly enjoyed playing as these guys as they moved through the family’s rankings, and I wanted to continue to do that.

On the other hand, though, what I’m reading and seeing about this game is amazing. It’s open world, and unlike Mafia II it appears to be non-linear. There are several sections of the city that are controlled by a rival “family” and it’s your job to take them for yours. You can accomplish this by either taking them down one section at a time, or by chipping away at each section bit by bit. There is a story, but there’s going to be multiple ways that you can go about advancing it.

Also, in addition to Lincoln, there are 3 other people that you have helping you with your missions. They can do things such as providing sniper cover, bribing the police, and more. Depending on how you play the game as well, these characters perceptions of you can change and there will be different outcomes.



Overall, this game looks great. It has been a long time since we’ve gotten a game where you essentially play a bad-guy. Grand Theft Auto, as wonderful as it is, is a bit over the top. This looks like it’ll be something that plays a bit more realistic to what it would actually be like joining and advancing in a Mafia/Mob organization.

I can’t wait for more and more details about this game to be revealed in the coming months and, especially, a release date. 2016 is too vague, I want to be able to mark my calendar now!

Thanks for reading! What are some things you’re most looking forward to in Mafia III? Let us know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to hit a couple of those share buttons below, and let your friends in on the excitement of this game!

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