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Madden ’15 — Ball Hawking Still Works!

If you’re having trouble with defense in Madden 15 and you’re not using the ball hawk feature I suggest you use it. It has helped me tremendously when playing against my friends and it’s very easy to do. Before I get into how to do it, I want to share an experience Madden 15with you all.


Quick Story


This past weekend, a few friends of mine and I had our fantasy football draft. The draft was Saturday afternoon, but we all met up Friday night so we could watch some college football Saturday morning. That friday night, we all played some video games 2 on 2 so we could have the maximum amount of people playing and nobody was left out.

Keep in mind, none of us are particularly great at Madden, which made it that much more fun because we were all competitive. I got there late, and they already had 2 games in the bag, but I got on the controller pretty quickly. My teammate ended up being one of my best friends and someone who I lived with previously for about 3 years.

We went on a TEAR!

He grew up playing football (I grew up playing basketball) so I left all of the play calling to him. None of the other guys that we played against knew about ball hawking, so we made it up the field pretty quickly and scored on the majority of our drives; and our defense, thanks in large part to my ball hawking ability, got tons of interceptions.

After 2 games of winning by 21+ points and getting 8 then 6 interceptions, I decided to share my secret with them. Though, they couldn’t do it as well as I could (and my QB knew how to avoid it for the most part) their interceptions started to increase.


How to Ball Hawk


14216191523_614a954a2e_zLike I said, ball hawking is fairly easy. I do it on just about every play, but it’s most effective on deep balls. While on defense, I choose a lineman to start with. Once the ball is hiked, I do whatever I can to get to the quarterback. If the QB gets the pass off (which he usually does) I immediately press B (circle if you’re on Playstation) to switch to the closest defender to the intended receiver, then I hold Y (triangle if you’re on playstation) and nothing else.

This causes the defender to go straight toward where the ball is going to be and jump up to try and get the interception; and it works. The majority of the time, it’s a deflected pass, but occasionally someone will catch the ball. When that happens, if you did it right, you have almost as much of a chance to catch it as the receiver does.

Be careful though. If you’re still rushing the quarterback when you switch to the defensive back and you’re still holding the stick down on accident, you’ll stop the defender from running giving the receiver a wide open catch and usually a touchdown.

That happened to me once this past weekend as well. I accidentally stopped my defensive back before starting the ball hawk and the receiver had a wide open touchdown. Fortunately, the guy I was playing with decided he wanted to run parallel to the endzone to show off a little. When he did that, I caught up and tackled him before he could score. A couple plays later, I got an interception using ball hawk on the goal line. He’ll probably never taunt again.


Tips to Avoid the Ball Hawk


Avoiding the ball hawk can be really easy if you’re really good at the game. But here are some easier tips to avoid it, that you can use right now. For one, throw short passes. It’s difficult to change to a defensive back quickly and start the ball hawk if the pass isn’t very far. It’s still possible to get intercepted, but far less likely.

Just don’t get too confident, and think that because you’ve had a few completions in a row that you can throw a deep ball, unless you have a specific plan in mind. Usually when people start throwing short passes against me, I just patiently wait until they think they’re able to go long, and that’s when I’m in the best position to pick them off.

Ball Hawk Interception

Another tip is to just run the ball. This can get boring, and frustrating for people playing against you, but if the ball isn’t in the air, it can’t get intercepted!

I hope this tip helps you guys! This isn’t something that will instantly make you a fantastic madden player, and lead you to winning competitions; but it’s certainly something that has helped me beat my friends (which is all that really matters right?)

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments what you think about ball hawk, or if you want to share a tip or two of your own.


4 thoughts on “Madden ’15 — Ball Hawking Still Works!

  1. Bob dean says:

    Good article. I have a few questions. Lately on defense i havent been able to get any stops. The crossing patterns are always wide open. The rb and fb are always open as well. I have tried man and zone coverage. Tried to press. Nothing seems to work. I havent used ball hawk yet. I hope that helps. It seems like my defenders arent close enough to the ball to get an int or bat the ball down. Any help would be great. Thanks

    1. Anthony Bradley says:

      Thank you! I know how you feel. Defense can be very difficult, and it always seems like the offense (especially if you’re playing the computer) can find a wide open player no matter what you run. I still haven’t found a way to become better on defense (except ball hawking) other than to learn more about football, that way you’ll know what plays to run, and how to read the offense better and make adjustments if needed. I, myself, haven’t taken the time to do that though. What I do, and it’s not the best strategy, but it works occasionally, is to ask madden on every play, and try to stop them from getting close to the 1st down, and try to get the interception when they’re forced to throw the deep ball.

      This strategy seems to work better when playing against friends who aren’t as disciplined on offense and throw deep balls more often. Also, though it is difficult, and doesn’t happen often, it is possible to ball hawk on short routes. Just be sure not to move the thumbstick once you switch to the defensive back. It takes some practice, but keep at it, you’ll get the hang of it. Try the ball hawk drill for practice.

      I hope that helped and good luck!

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