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Evolve Video Game — Challenging and Fun

Evolve is a highly anticipated video game that came out not too long ago. I got it through GameFly a couple of days ago, so I finally got to play it. It’s a fun game, but it’s pretty challenging. I’m sure it’s just me, but I had a hard time succeeding. Read on, and I’ll let you know what happened, and maybe you can avoid my mistakes!


The GameEvolve


If you’re not sure what evolve is, it’s a 4 vs 1 online game. You can choose to be one of 4 Hunter types (assault, trapper, medic, or support) or you can be the Monster. There are a few different game modes, but the underlying point of the game is Monster vs. Hunters.

It doesn’t matter which game mode you’re playing, as a Hunter if you kill the Monster, your team wins, and vice-versa. It is the Hunter’s job to track down the Monster and kill him, or to complete the objective before the Monster stops you.

As the Monster, it’s your job to not get caught and killed by the Hunters while you level up. Once you do level up, it’s your job to kill the Hunters, or stop them from completing their objective.


Game Modes


When you go into the multiplayer matchmaking, you’re able to select from 2 different options. The first is skirmish, which is one round on a randomly selected map with a randomly selected game mode. The second option is Evacuation, which is a 5 round campaign where all game modes are played. Depending on who wins and who loses each round, the environment for the next round changes, giving an advantage to the winning team. According to the game, there are 800,000 possible outcomes depending on the order each team wins/loses and the maps they win/lose on.

There are 4 different game modes in Evolve. As I said earlier, though, if the Hunters kill the Monster or vice-versa before the objective is complete, then that team wins. The game modes are as follows:

  • Hunt – The Hunters have to find and kill the Monster, and the Monster has to do his best to not die before leveling up. Once found, the Monster has to kill the Hunters to win. The Monster can also win, in this game mode, by destroying a power relay that’s somewhere on the map. You have to evolve to level 3, though, before you’re able to destroy the power relay.
  • Nest – In nest, there are 6 eggs located around the map that the Monster must defend. It is the job of the Hunters to find all of the eggs and destroy them. As the Monster, you are able to hatch one of the eggs to spawn a minion that will help you in combat, but you sacrifice an egg by doing this.
  • Rescue – Rescue is similar to Nest, but opposite. In this mode, there are 5 survivors placed randomly on the map, and it is the Hunter’s job to protect them long enough to escape. As the Monster, you have to find all of the survivors and kill them. Whoever saves or kills 5 survivors first, wins.
  • Defend – Defend pits the Hunters against multiple low-level minions as well as a fully-evolved (level 3) player controlled Monster. There is a starship that is refueling, and the refueling station has been attacked by the Monsters. The Hunters have to fend off all of the Monsters while the Monster has to destroy the 2 generators that are refueling the ship.




When you first start up the game, you are put through a tutorial. The tutorial shows you how to traverse the map, and use the different options available to you to help you succeed. As the Monster it shows you how to leap, fight, feed, and evolve.

The Hunter tutorial shows you how to track the Monster, set traps, use your jetpack, and shoot. For some reason, they only give you a tutorial on the Assault class of Hunters, and not the rest. It is fairly easy to figure out how to utilize all of the classes once you have the basics down, though.

For both Monster and Hunter, you get experience points and badges for completing the tutorial as quickly as possible. Finish them in under 6 minutes, and you’ll get the maximum amount of XP and bonuses.

Once you complete the tutorial, you’re able to begin playing. You can play solo, where you either choose to be the Monster against 4 AI Hunters, or you can be one of the Hunters and have 3 AI partners helping you kill an AI monster.

The real fun, though, is in playing online multiplayer. This is where all 5 in-game players are someone in the world. When starting in this mode, you’re able to put who you want to be in the game in order from most desirable (1) to least desirable (5). So if you want to be the Monster most of the time, you should put that in your “1” spot, and so-on. You’re not guaranteed to be your first pick, though, that’s why you put them in order. I don’t know what metrics the game uses to determine who gets to be which character, but it’s not 100% up to you.


Playing as the Monster

When you first start each game as the Monster, you start at level 1. At level 1, the Hunters have an advantage over you, but you get a short head start so that you can try to level up before they find you. There are other animals and creatures in the world, and by killing and eating them, you can evolve into a bigger and stronger Monster. There are also “Albino” creatures in the world. These creatures are harder to kill, but once you do, you can gain a power-up from them.

You have to be careful, though, because the Hunters are tracking you. Almost every action that you do will alert the Hunters in some way. Walking normally will leave tracks that the hunter can follow (you can sneak, but sneaking makes you move a lot more slowly so you have to be sure the Hunters aren’t close when you’re sneaking), also while moving around the map and killing other creatures, you’ll knock down trees that’ll indicate that you’ve been there, when you kill other creatures and feed on them, you’ll attract birds to that area, and there are other groups of birds that you can startle and make fly away if you move past them without sneaking, which will also give your position away.

When you evolve once, bringing yourself to Level 2, you have essentially leveled the playing field between you and the hunters. You have a much better chance of winning against them at this point, but not the best chance. To get the best opportunity to win, you can evolve to level 3 (which I have yet to do). At level 3, you have an advantage over the Hunters, and you are also able to destroy items in the map that will cause you to win the game.

As I mentioned earlier, though, the Hunters are always tracking you, so getting to level 3 is difficult. You have to plan out every move perfectly if you want to get to that level before the Hunters find you, which would be the best way to do it, because it’s very hard to escape the Hunters once they do find you.

There are multiple types of monsters that you can unlock as you play through the game. Each monster has it’s own unique set of skills and abilities, so there is a variety to which type of monster you can choose.


Playing as the Hunter

When you start out a match as a Hunter, you have to find the Monster so that you can kill it before it gets too powerful, by using a variety of clues that appear as the monster moves around the map. Tracking the Monster by following its tracks, broken trees, and the different birds are the main ways that I found to track the Monster, but I’m sure there are more.

There are 4 different Hunter types, so once you all find the Monster, you each have different roles. The roles are Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support.

The assault class is the main attacker. He has a couple of pretty powerful weapons, and his sole purpose is to attack the Monster with everything he’s got. The assault type does also feature mines, so there is more than one strategy that can be played when playing as this character type.

The trapper type is exactly what it sounds like. The trapper lays traps around the map that will affect the monster and make the Hunter’s lives a little bit easier. The traps can do things such as slow down and restrain the Monster so it is easier to attack.

The Medic is the healer. As the medic you have to make sure that all of your teammates’ lives are as full as possible. If one of your teammates goes down, it is the medic who is best equipped to revive that teammate.

Finally, there’s the support type. This person is there to increase the other player’s abilities. The support player can power-up his teammates so that they have an even greater chance at victory.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock different versions of each Hunter. Each one has it’s own set of abilities and weapons, so you can pick the one that best suits your play style.


My First Games


This game is a lot of fun, but it’s very challenging. When I played my very first game, I started out as a monster. I leveled up to 2 but shortly after that I was found. I fought my darndest, but I still lost. I don’t know if I didn’t explore enough or what, but the map felt small and I felt like I was found very quickly. I also was having a hard time telling who was which type of Hunter, so I couldn’t strategize and figure out who to attack first.

When I started up the second game, I was the assault class. After a short while of chasing clues, we found the monster. Shortly after we got there, one of my teammates went down. I was closest to him, so I decided to try to revive him. I was hit immediately (I think by a thrown rock), and though I tried to fight back, I got killed. The monster proved to be too much for the rest of my team as well, and we lost.Evolve

The third round is where I got my first victory. The monster was very powerful, but I dealt a lot of damage to it. Three out of the 4 of us hunters did end up getting killed (myself included) but the monster was so weak by that point that the sole surviving hunter ended up killing the Monster.




I don’t know what it is about me, but I am having a hard time succeeding in this game. When I’m a Hunter, the Monster kills me pretty quickly; and when I’m a Monster, I can’t avoid the hunters for very long, which means I have a hard time evolving and I die pretty quickly. I’m still working on figuring out my best strategy for winning both as a Hunter and Monster.

I did notice that the lowest level person I played against was 22 and they got up to 40, while I’m only a level 2. I may have to grind, a lot, to increase my level, and unlock more powerful Hunters and Monsters. Maybe then I’ll begin to win more.

Overall though, I really like this game. It’s a fresh concept that’s very enjoyable to play. I really like the fact that it’s not just a recycled idea or a sequel to a game, especially in a time where most games are recycled ideas or sequels.

If you haven’t played it yet, I definitely suggest it. It’s an awesome mixture of action and strategy that you can’t get in most other games, and since you’re always playing against other people in the world, no 2 matches are alike.

Thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments what you think about Evolve if you’ve played it, or why you’re excited to play it if you haven’t. Also, don’t forget to hit those share buttons below, and if you really enjoyed this, make sure to sign up for my email list (using the form on the right) to make sure you don’t miss another post!

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