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EliteShot — One of the Best Call of Duty Youtubers I’ve Seen

Not long ago, I began watching YouTube videos of Call of Duty players. I wanted to become a better player, so I started looking for tips and tricks by players who were better than me. I came across a few different pages, but EliteShot Logoone, in particular, stood out. He goes by EliteShot A.K.A Shawn, and he’s one of the best Call of Duty YouTubers I’ve seen.

I don’t remember exactly how I came across his channel, but I know that since I have I don’t think I’ve missed a gameplay. Even today, I make sure to watch every day; or sometimes if I miss a couple of days I’ll binge watch everything I’ve missed. I even, occasionally, go back and watch old videos. All of his videos are really entertaining.

He’s a solo player, which makes him that much more relatable. When he plays, he just sits down and gets into regular lobbies just like you or I would. He doesn’t play ranked, he doesn’t party up with a bunch of other really good COD players, he just plays.

Typically, when he plays, he gives live commentary while he’s playing, and it’s pretty entertaining. He gives tips constantly, and lets you know what’s going on inside his mind at any given time. He may not come outright and say “here’s a tip” but if you listen to him and pay attention, he’s providing a lot of useful information that will help you become a better player. It’s great because if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you’ll have a new strategy on how to approach it.

Did I mention he’s really good too? He has an average K/D of about 2.5 in Advanced Warfare, and frequently posts gameplays of him far exceeding that. One of his main goals when he plays is to get all of his streaks, and more often than not, he succeeds. Despite that, when watching him, you still get the sense that you could do what he does just as easily, and I think that’s one of the main things that has made him so popular.

He’s a “slayer player” and is always going for as many kills as he can get, but he does it in different ways every time. He doesn’t have one type of gun or class that he uses in every video. He has his favorites, definitely, but his videos consist of him using every type of gun. This keeps all of his gameplays fresh, as well as benefitting the fans watching because he explains the strategies he uses for each gun.

No matter what game mode is your favorite, you’ll find videos that will pique your interest. He has a lot of different series so that each day, when he posts a new video, it’s different from the previous day. If you like Free For All, he has iStand Alone. If you like Infected, he has iStay Alive. I you want to see gameplay of older Call of Duty games, every Friday you can catch him playing an older game in his Fragback Friday series. He also plays zombies, and story modes, and a lot more. There’s definitely something for everyone on his channel.

Though he primarily plays Call of Duty, he occasionally plays other shooters. He’s played both Halo and Battlefield as well. And, if you want to get a bit of an insight on his personal life, he occasionally posts vlogs. He uses these to connect with his fans and show what his real life is like outside of Call of Duty.

A lot of the Call of Duty players on YouTube post short videos of their highlights rather than just posting their full gameplays. EliteShot on the other hand, doesn’t edit his videos much, and you get to watch a full gameplay (sometimes multiple gameplays). He wants to share every moment with the viewers, so he typically posts full unedited videos.

His brand is consistently growing as well. In addition to his YouTube channel he also livestreams on Twitch, he has an App, and he has a website. He has his own line of EliteShot apparel, and he partners with gaming accessories to give his fans a discount on things like Kontrol Freeks.

Overall, if you’re into YouTube gaming channels, this is one you should definitely be following. His videos are entertaining, refreshing, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever watched EliteShot or if there’s another YouTuber that you like. When you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, just enter your name and email address to the right and you’ll get a FREE copy of Winning at Video Games, and don’t forget to hit a couple of those share buttons below.

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