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As you may know, from my last post, I waited to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse online until I was a higher level, and had some better moves available to me. I’ve been playing through a lot, and though I’m not as high of a level as I’d like to be, I still decided to try out some of the online modes to see what they’re all about.  Dragon-Ball-XenoVerse-Trainer

I may have wanted to wait a little bit longer, and became an even more powerful Saiyan, but it was fun nonetheless. Read on to see what these online modes are all about!


Online Battles


There are three options available to you when you attempt to do an online battle. There’s Player Match, Endless Battle, and Ranked Match. They all play very similar, but with just a couple of small twists.


Player Match


Player Matches are the most basic of the online battles. It’s essentially just you vs. another opponent. When I first went to attempt a player match, I wanted it to be fair, so I set the filter to only search for people around the same level as me.

Unfortunately, after about 5 or 6 tries, I couldn’t find a match. I changed the filter to “all” and searched again. This time, I was able to find a match, but the other player was a much higher level than me.

I thought I’d be alright because, initially, I was doing okay against him. I went Super Saiyan to give myself more of an advantage to see if I could actually beat this guy. Shortly after that, though, he went Super Saiyan as DBX onlinewell, and that marked the beginning of the end for me.

He essentially overpowered me, and it was over. I stayed in the lobby and played him again, hoping for a better outcome. It was worse this time around. I got a few good hits on him, and did a couple of ultimate moves, but it didn’t matter. His amount of health was enough to withstand all of my attacks and come back with a vengeance. I left the lobby after that.

After the matches, I noticed, you don’t get XP to level up your character. You do get some Zeni that you can use to spend at the various stores, but that’s it. This will probably be more fun, and more worth it, once I max out my character.


Endless Battle


Endless Battles are interesting. It’s still one-on-one, but this time, there are a few spectators in the lobby as well. After each match, the winner stays active, but one of the spectators become their next opponent. It’s kind of like a king of the hill/survival of the fittest type situation.

When I first went into this match type, I started off as a spectator. I watched an entire fight, and then it went back to the lobby. I stayed in and waited, but I ended up not being the next fighter. I didn’t really want to watch another match, I’d prefer to play, so I left. I more-than-likely wouldn’t have fared very well anyway.


Ranked Match


The final type of online battle is the ranked match. In this you can increase or decrease your ranking in the world, trying to become the best overall. This would take a lot of time and dedication to accomplish, but if that something you’d like to do, this is where you’ll find that option. Dragon-Ball-Xenoverse-Screenshot-42-600x338

I went into the ranked matches, but unfortunately, for some reason, I couldn’t find any matches. I’ll have to try again at another time, probably sometime after I max out my character.


Online Parallel Quests


Online parallel quests are awesome. If you’re having some trouble completing a parallel quest, or you’re having trouble getting a high score on them, this is something you should try.

You can either find a match or create one, and you’re essentially doing a PQ with another player in the world. Depending on what settings you select (or if you don’t select any filters), you may do a quest that’s a lot harder than you’re used to, or a lot easier. It’s kind of a toss-up.

The first parallel quest I did had me in a PQ I hadn’t even attempted yet. It was something with a 5 or 6 star difficulty. In the beginning, I did really well, taking out a couple of the enemies and genuinely helping out.

As it got closer and closer to the end, the enemies became more and more powerful (obviously). I ended up getting KO’d with a few opponents left. Fortunately, I was revived by my teammate, and was able to help and contribute some more.

The final enemy came, and during that battle I was KO’d again. I remembered this time, though, that I had a senzu bean that I could use. I used it so my teammate didn’t have to waste time trying to revive me, and I helped defeat the last enemy. It was pretty sweet.

After the match, I got a ton of XP. I think it was because the difficulty level of the PQ was a lot higher than my characters level. I ended up increasing 3 levels after that one parallel quest! I tried to do it again, but I couldn’t find a match.

Since I couldn’t find a match, I decided to host one. I just picked a lower-level quest that I had completed, but wanted a better grade on. One person entered my lobby, but left immediately. I don’t know if it was an accident or not, but they were gone. A couple of minutes later, that same person got back into my lobby. This time they stayed, though. I think it was because they couldn’t find any other quests available either. Screen-Shot-2015-02-26-at-12.56.35-AM

We finished the quest pretty easily. This time, though, I got a normal amount of XP and Zeni. Hopefully, next time I do an online PQ, I’ll get into a match with someone who’s attempting a much harder quest again so I can continue to level up quickly.

Once an online parallel quest is completed, you’re taken back to Toki Toki city, the same as with offline parallel quests. You aren’t able to just select another quest to do with the same teammate. This is unfortunate if you enjoyed playing with that other player.




Overall, I really enjoy the online modes of this game. There’s a few different options, so you’ll be able to jump into playing online at an early level if you’re up for it. It definitely increases the game’s replayability a lot. I’ll have to level up a lot more if I’m going to attempt to play online battles again, though.

Thanks for reading! what are some of your favorite features of Dragon Ball Xenoverse online? let us know in the comments! Also, when you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, just enter your name and email address into the forms above and you’ll be able to download my eBook “Winning at Video Games” for FREE. It gives you 8 actionable tips to help you dominate your friends at video games today!

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