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Dragon Age Inquisition — Gameplay is Awesome!!

It’s taken me a long time to get this game, but Dragon Age Inquisition finally came in through GameFly for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Dragon Age Origins’ gameplay, so I was definitely excited when I got the email saying that Inquisition was the game that was shipped.

I put the game into my Xbox, waited for it to install (completely, I don’t want anything to happen because I started playing half-way through the install) and fired it up!


Playing the Game


This is one of those games where I can get lost for hours playing, and not even realize that I had been playing for that long. With all of the different types of player you can be, side missions, and items you can try to find or make, you can beat the story line and barely scratch the surface of everything it has to offer. I love these types of games and I can’t wait to see how my characters progress.

I decided to play as a Quanari warrior. I asked on my Twitter what I should play as and that’s what was suggested. Since the Quanari are so big, I decided to specialize in two-handed weapons so that I could destroy everyone with powerful blows. You start out (as a lot of RPG’s seem to) as a prisoner, but you don’t remember why or what you did.

It turns out that you came out from a rift that opened a hole in the sky and caused demons to take over the world. It is your job, apparently, to find out why you were in the rift, and more importantly, close the rift so that the demons will go away. Obviously there’s a lot more to the game than that, but from what I gather so far, that is the main storyline.

As you play through the beginning of the game, learning the basics like how to jump and fight, you come across 3 other people who end up being your allies for the first part of the game. The other three people were each one of the other three races I could have picked when I began the game, so I assume, no matter which race you pick, the other three will be who ends up teaming up with you.

Throughout the course of the game, when you have allies following you, you can control them whenever you want. If you decide for a while that you want to be a different character or use different abilities, you’re easily able to. I’m not sure if I love that though. I typically want to create my one character to match my likes and play style, and not have to worry about the other characters. I’m sure I can do that, but I’m worried that down the line, it’ll force me to play as someone else.

So far, that hasn’t been the case per se. I have had to play as the other characters, but it was only because I wasn’t paying attention and my main character died. I quickly revived him and continued playing with him, but I was forced for a short time to play as someone else. That’s one of the up sides to being able to play as other characters, though. If you die, it’s not the end of the mission.

If you like to take a more broad and tactical approach to battles, you can take advantage of the tactical camera. When using this, the game pauses, allowing you to choose which character attacks which enemies, and place them strategically around the battlefield. Once you’ve decided where each person is going to go and what they’re going to do, you can move time forward and watch the battle play out. At any time, you can stop time and Dragon Age Inquisitionmake adjustments and start it again. This is great for those of you who like to have more control over each aspect of every battle. I’d prefer to just fight with my character, though, so I won’t be using this mode that often, but it can come in handy.

Being a warrior, I don’t have any ranged attacks, and my character isn’t very fast. I started doing a side quest where I had to kill 10 rams so I could bring their meat back to the refugees. This turned out to be harder than I expected because the rams are a lot faster than I am. I kept trying to chase them down, but it was very difficult. I ended up using the tactical camera, making my mage and archer attack the rams so even if they did run, they didn’t get too far. That was the only time, so far, that I’ve utilized the tactical camera, but I’m sure there will be more.

The multiplayer in this game is awesome. I started out with the campaign mode, but after playing that for a bit, I was curious about how the multiplayer worked so I switched over. I was new, and all of my characters were level 1 so I didn’t want to just jump into a game and get dominated. I have a friend who also plays Dragon Age, so I created a match and invited him to play along. He was only a level 6, so he wasn’t too far ahead of me so it seemed like it would work out well.

It was just the 2 of us, so we left it open for people to join. We got a level 8 and a level 12 who joined us in our first game. I was an archer, so I was standing back and just shooting all of the enemies. I didn’t realize it, but my arrows were doing basically no damage, and the level 12 guy was killing everyone. We ended up making it to the last area (area 5) but we didn’t get past it. In fact, we never got past level 5. I recommend either playing as, or making sure you have, a healer with you so that you can get more health and revived more quickly, otherwise you may go down pretty fast.

Just being there and helping out where I could got my archer up to level 4. Not a huge deal, but it was enough to allow me to unlock some more attacks and better weapons. My friend and I didn’t realize how big of an influence the other, higher level players had on our game. We tried to play one just the two of us and could barely make it to the second area. Oh well, we’ll just have to keep playing and leveling up and eventually we’ll be able to dominate.

When you’re playing online, it’s you and 3 other people clearing areas of enemies. The enemies vary based on the level you’re playing on. There are 5 total areas to clear, and you get gold and can unlock weapons, armor, and even other characters along the way. The gold is used in the lobby to buy chests that will give you more items and potions. You can salvage items that you don’t want to get materials to craft new items as well. You’re online character has just about the same level of customization your campaign character does.

I can see myself playing a lot of online and grinding through. I want to have a really badass guy that tears enemies apart in online.




I am loving this game. I played it for a while when I first got it, and tried the online mode but it was the very early stages of the game. I went to play it today, but I only wanted to play for an hour or so, I still had to write this very post. I glanced at the clock after playing for a bit to discover that almost 4 hours had passed. I need to be more careful.

I’m excited to see how I progress with my characters both online and off. And I’m looking forward to re-starting the campaign with different races and classes so that I can get a feel for what it’s like to play with different strategies. It’ll take me a long time to get finished with this game. Even one play-through will take forever, but I’m excited to do it. I know it’ll be a fun ride.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Dragon Age Inquisition, and if your friends aren’t sure about getting the game, feel free to share this article with them. Also don’t forget to follow me on all of my social media, and sign up for my email list so you don’t miss anything!

Thanks for reading!

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