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COD Ghosts Throwing Knife Kill

While playing some COD Ghosts today, I got a nice throwing knife kill. I didn’t expect to get it, but I took a risk and it paid off. At the bottom of this page is the video of the (in my opinion, awesome) kill, and the full class that I was using. Read on, though, to get a little bit of backstory.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an average Call of Duty player, but recently, I’ve been getting a lot better. When I play, I usually find around 4 or 5 guns (assault rifles and sub-machine guns) that I do decently well with, and stCOD Ghosts map Sovereignick with them. Occasionally, just for fun I’ll try out a sniper rifle (or in the case of Ghosts, a marksman rifle usually) or a shotgun just to see how I do with it. Typically, I don’t do well at all and I end up switching back to one of my main classes.

Ever since I’ve gotten my gaming headsets I’ve been getting a little bolder with my classes, though. I made a shotgun class to use on Tremor, Strikezone, and some of the other smaller maps, with a lot of close quarters combat. I added a throwing knife to this class because 1) they’re difficult to get a kill with, and it’s very satisfying when you do. 2) I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could be successful with something new. 3) I wanted to add a little bit of range to the class; and 4) it makes people rage when they die by throwing knife, and I think that’s funny.

As it turns out, I can have some success with different classes. I had multiple games where I stuck with the shotgun and finished with some VERY positive KDR’s. I didn’t get a lot of throwing knife kills while using it (and I died a lot trying to throwing knife when I should’ve just shot) but, as I expected, it was very satisfying when I did.

Before I get to the video, though, I want to let you all know what was going through my mind when it happened.




I believe I’m 13 – 2 at this point, and I had just completed a field order challenge. I go to my favorite┬áspot on Sovereign for calling in care packages, and before I throw the marker down, I check the area to make sure there are no enemies around. I seem to be clear, and that’s where the video picks up.

I throw down the marker and go back to the middle area to check if enemies are flanking. Fortunately, there aren’t any, so I head back to see what new toy I got from the care package to play with. As I’m headed towards it, I see an enemy through the window out of the corner of my eye. I hoped he didn’t see me or the care package, and lucky for me, he didn’t. I slide in to pick up, what I now know is, my sentry gun; but as I’m sliding, I can hear that bad guy back behind that window.

COD Ghosts Throwing Knife

I stand up to see him trying to decide if he wants to jump through the window, or walk through the door. He looks as though he’s going to choose door, and that’s when I make my move. I quickly throw the knife in the direction of the door, albeit, a little to the right, but it didn’t matter. My knife gets to the doorway at the same time he did.

Bullseye! He dies, and I now have Riley and a sentry gun to help keep that streak alive. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a mic (at least he didn’t have one on) because I would have loved to hear what he had to say about that.

Like I said earlier, I feel really accomplished whenever I get a throwing knife kill, and I thought this one was awesome. Check out the video below and see for yourself.


The Video



14 – 2! Shortly after this happened, I got another sentry gun from my killstreaks, so I had 2 I could place. Needless to say, this wasn’t a bad game. I forgot to write down my actual kills and deaths, but I did somewhere around 28 – 13. I’ll be sure to update this if, somehow, I can bring up my old KDR’s


My Class


Gun: FP6 Shotgun

Attachments: Grip and Muzzle Brake

Lethal/Tactical: Throwing Knife/None

Perks: Ready Up, Sleight of Hand, Agility, Steady Aim, Takedown, and Amplify

Strike Package: Assault – Guard Dog, Sentry Gun, Battle Hind


Thanks for reading/watching! Let me know in the comments what you thought about this kill and let us know about some kills you’re proud of. I love hearing about awesome kills, and we can compare!


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