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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare — The Day Has Come!

Monday was “Day Zero” which made yesterday the Official release of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare; Click Here to read what I wrote about the game a while back before it came out. I got the game on Day Zero, and I was definitely enjoying the double XP. I was going to write this yesterday, but A) I wanted to get a good feel for the game before I wrote anything about it, and B) I was simply too busy just playing to focus on writing.

Just a heads up, I will be talking about some aspects of the game (multiplayer; I haven’t played much of the campaign yet) that you may not know. Nothing crazy just a couple of new perks and other things I’ve noticed. If you’d like to know, then please keep reading, if you want to wait to find out everything on your own, Click Here to buy the game and proceed with caution.

… Spoilers Below … I guess




The first thing I noticed when I got into my first game is how fun it is to jump around the maps. Obviously, the game was designed with the Exo-Suit in mind, so all of the maps have a lot of high areas that you’re able to jump up to. If you do decide to stay on the ground (which, especially at first, you won’t), there are plenty of areas on every map that you can still dash in and out of.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Suit

Though boost jumping and dashing around the maps is a lot of fun, there are a couple of minor downsides to it. For one, I don’t feel like I’m really learning the details and intricacies of each map. I tend to spend the majority of the time jumping around (I tend to like to have higher ground when playing online) so I don’t get a lot of time learning the insides of buildings and underground areas.

Also, and this may not be the case with you, but I seem to play like I’m the only person with the exo-suit abilities. I end up jumping around and find a nice high area to try to spot people below, and I end up dying by someone who is on the same plane as me. Fortunately I’m recognizing that I do it more and more, and have been correcting myself.


A Few New Features


Obviously, there are a lot of new features that were added to this game, but I just want to highlight a few that I thought were really cool. The exo-suit is obviously one, and I’m sure you’re more than familiar with it, and it’s features (if not Click Here or Google it). I’ll be talking about a couple of things that, if you haven’t gotten the game yet, you probably don’t know about.




One pretty big change in Advanced Warfare is the mini-map. In previous games, you’d get a dot for enemies, a triangle for yourself and your teammates, and, at times, a triangle for enemies, if that scorestreak was activated. Now, there are indicators on the mini-map for almost everything going on in the game.

Whenever you’re running or shooting, or something else is happening that would cause you to show up on the enemies mini-map, there will be a red outline around your triangle to show you that you can be seen. This way, you can actually tell how stealthy you’re being. Also, whenever an enemy does any action that uses the exo-suit (including sliding, which uses the exo-suit in this game) you’ll see a red ping on your mini-map where it happened. It doesn’t stay on for very long, it’s essentially a red circle that expands and fades away, but it can definitely be helpful if you’re having trouble finding people.


Peripherals PerkAnother new feature to the mini-map is the “elevation indicator” (I don’t know what it’s actually called, so I’m going with elevation indicator). Sometimes, you’ll see an enemies red dot on the map, but it’ll also have a horizontal line above or below the dot. This is to show you whether the enemy is above you, below you, or on the same plane. A line above the dot means the enemy is above you, a line below the dot means they are below you, and no line means they’re on the same plane. This is incredibly helpful, especially with the new verticality to all of the maps.

There is also an indicator for the enemies that ties in to a new attachment that you can have on your weapons. The new attachment is the “Parabolic Microphone” and what it does is allow you to see, on your mini-map, people who are shooting with silenced weapons. On the mini-map, you can tell when someone is using a silenced weapon because they will show up as a red dot with a red circle around it. This way, you’ll be able to tell where they are, but they won’t know that you know, giving you the upper hand.

The last big change that I noticed, in regards to the mini-map, is the “Peripherals” perk. What this perk does is make the mini-map more high-def and allows you to see a larger portion of the map in a lot more detail. With all of the new indicators added to the mini-map, being able to see more of it could definitely give you an advantage.




You can swim in this game! and, from what I can tell, there isn’t a limit to how long you can stay underwater. In previous CODs you either weren’t allowed to go underwater at all, or you would die. Now, you sometimes pull out a knife and can swim under the water, and even attack people if they are close enough. So far, I’ve only swam because I was able to, and I haven’t found any practical reasons for it (there isn’t a lot of water in the game) but it’s a feature that can be taken advantage of in the right situation. Also, I could see a DLC map that has a large portion taking place in water. There’s potential there. Check out the short video below of me just swimming back and forth.





There are also a few new perks they’ve added to this game as well. As I mentioned earlier, there is an indicator on the mini-map every time you use an exo ability, so when you’re boost jumping, dodging, or even sliding, the enemy potentially knows where you are. However, if you enable the “Blast Suppressor” perk, you won’t ping on the enemies mini-map so you can use exo-abilities without being seen.

Another new perk, and one that I really like, is “Gung Ho”. With this perk, you’re able to fire while sprinting and sliding. This really comes in handy if you like to run-and-gun, or if you’re someone who dies a lot because you were sprinting and couldn’t get your gun ready in time. I’ve found it to be most helpful when you’re using akimbo. There is an SMG that is akimbo only, and I’ve had a lot of success using this perk with that gun.


Gung Ho PerkThere are a couple of notable perks that seem to be missing, but in actuality, they are incorporated in different ways. For one, there is no “Marathon” perk, this is because marathon seems to be always on. I do my fair share of sprinting around maps, and I don’t believe I’ve ever had to stop because I ran out of stamina.

Another perk that you won’t find is “Slight of Hand” and the reason for that, I just found out today (though, I didn’t miss it, I seemed to reload fairly quickly anyway). Instead of including this as a perk, they put in two reload speeds that you can essentially choose from in game. When you go to reload, if you tap “X” (or “Square”) once, you’ll do a normal reload, but if you tap “X”/”Square” twice, you’ll do a faster reload. The trade-off is, if you do a fast reload, however many bullets were left in the clip when you reloaded are lost. Typically when you reload, if you have 15 bullets left in the clip, those are kept, but if you do a fast reload now, you’ll be down those 15 bullets. It’s a great idea, so if you’re ever in a pinch, you can quickly reload, or if you don’t have many bullets left in the clip anyway, you’ll probably want to opt to do the fast reload.

The last perk that I noticed was missing is “Dead Silence”. Instead of including it as a perk, they made it an exo-ability. You can activate it once per life, and for a short duration, your footsteps will be silent; as opposed to them being silent for the entire game. I’m not sure quite yet, which way I prefer it though. On the one hand, it frees up space to add some additional perks, but on the other hand, it’s not always on. What I do know, though, is that the way they designed the “Pick 13″, you’re definitely able to create classes that play perfectly into your play style.


Classic Game Modes


One thing that I notice when I first started playing is that there are ladders leading up to places that you could easily boost jump up to. I was wondering, for my first few games, why they would even bother putting ladders in the game with all of the exo-abilities that are available. What I found out, though, is that they included a “Classic Game Modes” category. In the classic game modes, you’re able to play without any of the exo-abilities, so the ladders will come in handy for that reason; though, I don’t know why anybody would buy this game if they don’t want to play with the exo-abilities.




Obviously, nothing is perfect, and there are a couple of downsides that I noticed with this game. These are personal opinions though, you may not see these as downsides, and/or there may be other aspects of the game that you do see as a negative and I don’t.

For one, there’s no gun game. I’ve had a lot of fun in the last couple of games playing Gun Game, it gives me the opportunity to use weapons that I normally wouldn’t use, and when playing, you always have to put yourself in the best position to get a kill with each particular weapon. I really enjoyed it, and I have to say that I’m disappointed that they didn’t include it. Hopefully they will in a future update.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Game Modes

Also, it seems as though they didn’t put as much effort into making sound an important aspect of the game. In Ghosts, using your sense of hearing was important, and having a headset put you at a definite advantage. I can’t count how many times I got the jump on somebody in Ghosts simply because I heard them coming. In Advanced Warfare, though, it doesn’t seem to be as important. There have been multiple times where a person came up from behind me, or the side of me, and they got an easy kill because I couldn’t hear them, and therefore couldn’t react.

They may have done this on purpose so that people with a gaming headset (which I imagine isn’t that many people compared to the number of people who are playing at any given time) don’t have such an advantage. I hope that isn’t the case, but even if it is I’ll continue to use my headset because you can still hear where bullets are being fired, and it helps with immersing yourself in the game.




Overall, I am loving this game. I said in my last Advanced Warfare post that I was afraid that it would turn out too much like Halo with all of the boosting abilities, but it doesn’t. Even being able to boost jump and dodge, it still feels like a Call of Duty game. There’s a slight learning curve, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it. Gamers have been asking COD to do something new for a long time and I think Sledgehammer games delivered in a big way.

It makes me worry, a little bit, about the next Call of Duty, but that’s a year away and a topic for another time. For now I’ll be enjoying my time playing Advanced Warfare. With that said, I’m going to leave you with a short montage of some decent moments that I’ve had in my first few hours with the game.



Thanks for reading, I know this was a long post, but if you haven’t gotten the game yet, I hope this helped influence your decision, and you can Click Here to buy it from Amazon. If you have gotten the game, let us know in the comments what you think about it, or just leave a comment if you like this post and/or my videos.

Good Luck, and keep that K/D up!


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