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Black Ops 3 — My Opinion on All Three Trailers!

The day has finally come. The reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. This trailer has given a lot of insight into what the game is going to be about and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! Also, if you pre-order the game, you’ll get access to play a beta version of the multiplayer, so you can see what that’ll be like first hand. looks like Call of Duty is taking a page out of the Battlefield playbook.

A few weeks ago, “Back in Black” the very first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III was revealed. A little while after that, “Ember” was released, which laid the foundation for the concept of the new Call of Duty, which is Modified Humans. Both of these two trailers were teasers leading up to todays big official reveal of Black Ops III. If you haven’t seen any of them yet, don’t worry, They’re embedded below.


Back in Black


The first trailer was called “Back in Black” obviously referring to the fact that we’re going Back to the Black Ops series. Curiously, there was no AC/DC in the video. This was the shortest of the 3 videos, as it was basically just announcing that the next game in the franchise would be Black Ops III.

The video consisted of words, letters and symbols shifting around the screen. While this was happening, there’s dialogue playing. It’s hard to tell what the words on the screen are doing until about 35 seconds in, when they begin to form an Image. Very quickly, you realize that they are making the image of a soldier with 2 guns pointing down, similar to the cover of the first Black Ops.

The trailer ends with a voice saying: “The only thing holding us back, is how far we are willing to go.”




The second trailer that was released is titled “Ember.” I don’t know why this is the name, but this might be my favorite of the three trailers. If Advanced Warfare was about a future where technology has advanced so far that humans can be better, faster, and stronger by equipping an exo-suit to their bodies; Black Ops III appears to be about a future where technology has advanced so far that humans can become better, faster, and stronger by literally altering their bodies.

The trailer opens with the quote: “Mankinds greatest mistake will be its inability to control the technology it has created.” and it goes to a bicycle race with one competitor decidedly ahead of the rest of the cyclists. This video actually begins based in the past with people using performance enhancing drugs in order to, well, increase their performance. As the video progresses, it goes through time, showing real videos of technology being used to not only increase performance, but also to reverse handicaps and disabilities.

As the video progresses, it heads into the future where technology is becoming increasingly advanced. There are news clips and voice overs of people who are both for and against modifying people, with clips about how people are using the new technology and even a commercial for an advanced product. Though the technology is still advancing and being used for both medical and personal reasons, a lot of people disagree with it and it sparks riots around the world.

During this time, they mention that scientists have created a networked brain-to-brain connection so that people can literally share their thoughts with each other. It seems like kind of a throwaway in the video, but it may be an element in the game. Being able to communicate with someone without making any noise, or even having to look at the other person would be an amazing asset in war. I don’t know how they would implement it, but I could see it playing a role.

Eventually a government whistleblower is shown talking about how the technology available to the public is ages behind what the government has and is using, and then it shows a government official denying those accusations. Obviously, the government official is lying.

The video ends with what appears to be a view through binoculars of some soldiers shooting. I assume that the person looking through the binoculars is watching from a distance and is unknown to the soldiers who are in combat. The binoculars switch to thermal, and zooms in on one of the soldiers. The shooting stops and the soldier turns and looks directly at the binoculars, and then the view through the binoculars is facing the sky, as if that soldier detected whoever was looking and shot him. It’s hard to tell.

This is my favorite of the three trailers because it shows us what the game is going to be about using real people and what could one day be real life events. It makes it feel real, as if it’s actually happening. If you were to take out the shots of the year moving forward, and show that to someone who doesn’t follow video games, it might just freak them out a bit.




The final trailer released for Black Ops III, as of 4-26-15, is the gameplay release trailer. This is the one we’ve been waiting for. I’m sure a lot of you have already watched it, so we’ve gotten to see a little bit about what the actual game play is going to be like.

The video is exactly what you’d expect. It gives us a preview of some of the new weapons and abilities that will be available in Black Ops III, set to Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones. There are a lot of interesting things in this trailer and I’m definitely excited for this game.

One of the first things I noticed was that they show a persons body parts, and you can tell that they’re enhanced. You can see where it appears as though there’s robotics in the soldiers body being used as one with the soldiers body. Like Terminator.

The trailer shows a soldier going underwater, and swimming for a second, before taking out a gun to kill an enemy. Swimming has played a role in a lot of the Call of Duty games, and was even possible in multiplayer in Advanced Warfare. This makes me wonder if there will be any underwater combat in the multiplayer of Black Ops III.

I also noticed that there seems to be some advanced movements. It’s hard to tell the specifics, based solely on the trailer, but it looks as if double-jumping may be making a comeback. If that happens, then I’m sure they would also include dodging and dashing as well. One thing that’s new, that rumors have been swirling about, is wall-running. It looks like that is definitely going to be an element in this game.

There was a scene, shortly after the underwater combat, that showed the soldiers arm change from just a hand to a weapon; There is also a scene where the soldier launches, what looks like mechanical bugs, out of his arm to attack his enemy. These look like awesome new features, and I can’t wait to see how its fully implemented into the game.

In this trailer, they show the soldier fighting other soldiers, but there is quite a bit of footage of them fighting robots. With technology advancing as far as it has, it’s not a surprise that there are robots in combat, but I didn’t expect to see that many. It makes sense though, why send a human in to do something a robot can do.

The last new feature that I noticed in this trailer is that there is a bow and arrow. We’ve had a crossbow in the game for a long time, but never a bow and arrow. Something tells me that this is going to replace the crossbow in multiplayer as well. I hope it does, anyway, that seems like it would be a lot of fun to use.

After the video ended, and they reveal the release date, it faded to black, there’s a second of silence and then a zombie tears away part of the screen. This shows that zombies will once again be a huge feature in the Call of Duty series.




I’m definitely excited for this game. I’m always excited for new Call of Duty’s. I was kind of hoping that the advanced movements wouldn’t make their way back to the new game, but I’m not really upset about it. Besides, based on this trailer, those movements won’t play as big of a role in this game as they do in AW.

The game will be released on November 6th, which is a Friday. Call of Duty games don’t typically get released on Friday’s so that’s something new as well. I prefer it this way though, that way I’ve got the whole weekend to play.

Don’t forget to preorder the game so that you can play the multiplayer beta. I’m going to play it as soon as I can download it, so stay tuned for my thoughts on that as well as some clips from it!

Thanks for reading, I’m sure you’re as excited about this game as I am. Let us know in the comments which aspects of the game you’re most excited about!

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